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Keyboard Covers - Dust Covers
Keyboard Covers - Dust Covers
Dust Covers - Keyboard Covers
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  1. Enter Your Dimensions for a Dust Cover or Enter a Model Number to Search for a Keyboard Cover or Dust Cover.

  2. A listing of the items in that category will be displayed. There may be several pages to your listing. At the top right of the listing is a link to the other pages associated with the category.

  3. After finding the item you can click on the blue description line. This will take you that Item's page where you will find more information including:

    • Manufacture's Part Number

    • Our Quantity in Stock

    • Real Time Pricing

    • Detailed Description (if available)

    • Photograph (if available)

    You may enter the quantity of your order here. There will be ample opportunity to change this quantity later in the ordering process.

  4. Click on "Add To Basket". An alert box confirms that the item was added. You will now notice that a cart is now in the top right of every page showing your cart. You may continue shopping or checkout at any time.

  5. To Checkout: Look to the shopping cart in the top right of any page. Click on "View Cart/Checkout". The contents of your shopping cart will be displayed and you can change the quantity of your order. If you do change the quantity you should click on the "RECALCULATE" button to update the price.

  6. Click on "RING ME OUT". Enter your Billing Information. This address should be the billing address and phone number of the credit card you intend to use.

  7. Enter your Credit Card Type, the Number and expiration date.

  8. If the Billing Information and Ship To information is the same you can click on the box and the computer will fill in all the Ship To information for you.

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