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  Thursday, May 23 2019

Found: 78 Items
Part No: Manufacturer: Model No: No. Of Keys: Enter Key: Price:
50LOG10 Logitech Y-ST39 10 H $13.95
912112-8 Positron 912112-8 10 BL $13.95
LX-218 Lanier LX-218 36 $13.95
OmniBook 3000 CTX Hewlett Packard OmniBook 3000 CTX 87 H $13.95
PC Enhanced Hewlett Packard PC Enhanced 10 V (R) $13.95
C-1405 A ABA Hewlett Packard C-1405 A ABA 10 H $13.95
C-1405 A Vectra Hewlett Packard C-1405 A Vectra 10 $13.95
Fcc:E5XKB5301 Back -L enter, (also BTC) $13.95
Enter, Numeric pad left side. $13.95
BedCall BCj-97 EdgeSense BedCall BCj-97 2 $13.95
Armada M700 Compaq Armada M700 93 H $13.95
Armada 1510 DM Compaq Armada 1510 DM 82 H $13.95
Back-L enter, Curve Spacebar (also APC) $13.95
Ascentia A Series AST Ascentia A Series 87 H $13.95
989D91 Fujitsu Lifebook L440, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
981D89 Trogon No #s Rec enter, glidepoint, win keys $13.95
977D104 PC Concepts #63142 M/N KUB835, Rec enter, $13.95
975D107 Ortek MCK701W, Fcc:KJXMCK701W, "L" enter, $13.95
966D86 Acer #720 Fcc: 722itx W/win, rec enter,glidepoint $13.95
94E109 AIMC SK1689(Euro),Fcc:GYUR89SK,"7" enter, $13.95
867D107 Monterey K-288 Fcc:FKD46AK288, Back-L enter, $13.95
860D109 APC F-21, W/win keys, Back-L enter, Curve Spacebar (also Nimble) $13.95
859D90 Hewlett Packard Omnibook XE,Win, Rec enter, Glidept. $13.95
845D85 Toshiba Satelite 4030 Rec enter, win keys, speakers, trackpoint $13.95
82E96 IBM Type 2621, Rec enter, Wins. $13.95
809D86 BTC 5510M Mini keyboard, Rec enter, Windows $13.95
771E104 Sejin SK-1788 rec enter, windows. (also Compaq) $13.95
742D105 Fujitsu FKB4725-662 (Euro) "7" Enter,Win $13.95
730D104 NK -33 W/Win, Back-L enter, Curve Spacebar $13.95
729D105 NK -33 W/WIn, Back-L enter, Curve Spacebar $13.95
725E107 Acekey ACK-270A, back-L enter, Curve Spacebar $13.95
723D105 Chicony KB3963 w/win, rec enter, ez button $13.95
673E101 Dell SK3210, rec enter, Trackball $13.95
657E89 Sejin SWK-8695WS, rec enter, pointing button $13.95
608E107 Acer 6511WA, Back-L enter, 3keys above arrows $13.95
580E111 Logitech Y-ST39, Y-RAD67, 867575-0403, Rec enter, $13.95
560E100 Compaq N800C Laptop Rec enter, Trackpoint, Glidepoint $14.95
519E94 Gateway 600YG2 Laptop, Rec enter, Glidepoint $14.95
517E105 Acekey ACK-720 (Euro), ?7" enter, (also Unitech) $13.95
510E95 Argonaut 8640, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
50E87 Fujitsu FMWKB3A, Rec enter, windows $13.95
509E90 Argonaut P14N Laptop, Rec enter, Glidepoint $14.95
505E104 Wyse 7932M, rec enter, (also BTC) $13.95
504E98 IBM Thinkpad R40, Type 2681, Rec enter, Trackpoint, Glidepad $13.95
501E86 Microslate Wireless FDC3402, Rec enter, (also Wombat) $13.95
439E125 APC PC-200048, Fcc:GOG-F21, Back L enter, Multimedia (also Perfect Choice) $13.95
423E93 Datalux TOGUC, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
416E94 IBM KPH0035, Rec enter, Trackpoint $13.95
404E107 Qtronix Scorpius KII+, Rec enter, Win Keys $13.95
392E108 Acekey AT EZ-9000 (Euro), ?7" enter, w/windows $13.95
50372E113VF Compaq KB-0133 (Euro), "7" enter, Multimedia $13.95
362E89 Panasonic CF-72 Glidepoint, rec enter, windows $13.95
346E109 Adesso WKB-120, back-L enter, Glidepoint $13.95
338B101 Keytronic E03435/XT/AT- Rec enter, $13.95
301E107 AOPEN #90-00007.A01, Rec enter, 3 keys above arrows $13.95
293E117 Acer 6511-UV, back-L enter, Multimedia $13.95
291E104 Acekey K2726, Back-L enter, c/c reader (also Unitech) $13.95
285E101 Adds ASCII 598-0011717, rec enter, (also Wyse) $13.95
281E119 IBM SK8805, SK8809, rec enter, multimedia $13.95
262E108 Acer 6512-X (Euro), ?7" enter, Multimedia $13.95
261E112 Acer 6512-G (Euro), ?7" enter, Multimedia $13.95
246E94 Gateway Solo 1150, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
245E98 Hewlett Packard Omnibook XE3, rec enter, glidepoint $13.95
50CAP02 Compaq SK-1688, Fcc:GYUR84SK, Rec enter, Windows $13.95
231E109 Dell RT7D00 (Euro), ?7" enter, windows $13.95
213E94 Argonaut Model#7521, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
20E81 IBM Thinkpad 240, Type 2609, Fcc:409TAI-25871-M5E Rec. enter, trackpoint $13.95
209E93 EZZTouch Notebook #2700C, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
193E125 Nimble F21GQ, Fcc:GOGAPC21 "7" enter, (also ACE, $13.95
18E88 IBM Thinkpad 760ED, Type 9546, Fcc:ANOGCF2704AI Rec enter, trackpoint $13.95
172E94 Argonaut 900X, Glidepoint, Rec enter, Win. $13.95
152E121 Chicony KB-9885, Rec enter, Multimedia (also $13.95
148E95 Micron N870-004CL6-M1-700, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
147E90 C.E. M722 Laptop, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
145E90 Gateway Solo 1100, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
144E90 Gateway Solo 9300, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
143E96 Gateway Solo 9500, Multimedia, Rec enter, Glidepoint $13.95
102E118 Hitek RT9258TW, Fcc:AQ692K15, Rec enter, Multimedia $13.95

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