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  Monday, May 27 2019

Found: 88 Items
Part No: Manufacturer: Model No: No. Of Keys: Enter Key: Price:
994A101 Earthstation I/II(also Wells American,Hitek) $13.95
994A101 Hitek RT-101FT (also Wells America,Earthstation) $13.95
994A101 Wells American RT(also Earthstation,Hitek, Televideo) $13.95
957C104 Lite -On RT6655TW FCC:AQ6MTN7Z15(also AST,Hitek) $13.95
957C104 Hitek RT-6655/6656TW w/window keys $13.95
936C101 Hitek 230851-001C (also AST, Liteon) $13.95
936C101 Lite -On SK-1200 #230851-001C(Also AST,Hitek) $13.95
91D105 Hitek RT-4958TW (Euro)w/win keys 11121166-013 $13.95
913C101 Hitek 120340-002,184315-101 FCC:AQ6-CypressC15 $13.95
913C101 Compaq P/N 120663-001A (also Hitek) $13.95
898C106 Adds 120049-001 #006-980149,RT665DT (also Hitek) $13.95
898C106 Hitek 120049-001 (also Adds) $13.95
851B101 Astrix 101 (SEE HITEK FOR OTHER MODELS) $13.95
851B101 DTK Grafica MBK-1013 RT-101+(also Hitek) $13.95
851B101 Goldstar 116626 (see Hitek -other models) $13.95
851B101 Hitek RT-101(+) 117342-011/117532 rev.c,d, 118057 $13.95
802C122 Idea B12917-002/118997-001 (also Hitek) $13.95
802C122 Hitek 118997-001 (also Idea) $13.95
78C101 Liberty 116545-001(also Hitek) $13.95
78C101 Hitek 116545-001 (also Liberty) $13.95
785E103 Hitek RT2300, AQ6-2300 $13.95
782B122 Idea 116528 IDE-K 16428 (also Hitek) $13.95
782B122 Hitek 122 116528 (also Idea) $13.95
774B101 AST Enhanced 230098(RT-101+) NMB CMG65001(also Hitek,Versyss) $13.95
774B101 Versyss RT-101+ (also Ast,Hitek) $13.95
722C101 Hitek Rt-8755C+ P/N 120022-201 FCC:AQ6MAPLEZ15 $13.95
711B101 APC 920 MXT(also Hitek,NCD) $13.95
711B101 Hitek 116130, N101PS, 117541 $13.95
711B101 Northern Telecom Keyboard(also NCD,Hitek) $13.95
711B101 NCD 100 (Northern Telecom,Hitek) $13.95
711B101 NCD N-101PS (also APC,HITEK) $13.95
70C106 Tandem TS-530(also Hitek.Adds) $13.95
70C106 NCR 3413-K440-V001(also Adds,Hitek) $13.95
70C106 Hitek 117155-101 (also Tandem,Adds,NCR,) $13.95
70C106 Adds PC+/4000(also NCR,Hitek,Tandem) $13.95
70C106 Adds TS-530 (also Hitek,NCR,Hitek) $13.95
670C102 Hitek RT-102 119691-013 $13.95
652B101 Arch Rival 386SX(also Hitek,Micronics) $13.95
652B101 Hitek RT-101(+)116305-003,117825 AQ6RT7251 $13.95
652B101 Micronics PC4X(also Hitek,Arch Rival) $13.95
641D104 Hitek RT915CTW CONCERTMASTER (Also Compaq) $13.95
622C101 Hitek 160648-101 (also Compaq, Mitsumi) $13.95
565D104 Hitek RT8255CW(+) W/Win, Full Spacebar, $13.95
538C101 Hitek RT-6671 119088-001,119489,119967(also Adds, $13.95
538C101 Micron RT6656(+) Fcc:AQ6-CYPRESS (also Hitek) $13.95
508C102 Hitek RT-102(+)RT6251 (France,Euro) $13.95
521C122 Hitek 117543,116387 122 keys (also I/O Devices) $13.95
521C122 I/O Devices 2596(also Hitek) $13.95
478C101 Hitek 119459-001,119127-001"Rectangular Enter key" $13.95
478C101 NEC ready 433ES (also Compaq,Hitek, $13.95
477C101 Hitek 119135-001 FCC:AQ6ZG-RT-667XT, 120340-002 $13.95
477C101 DTK KB-101N 119976-01(also Hitek,ALR) $13.95
477C101 Duracom 120340-002 FCC:AQ6CYPRESSZ15 (Hitek) $13.95
463D104 Hitek RT-5158TW Fcc:AQ6-8Z15, #122546-001 $13.95
405D102 Hitek RT-102T Model 122421-001,Rect enter $13.95
367B101 Hitek 101(+) 115039-002 $13.95
367B101 Tandon RT-101A (also Hitek) $13.95
326D104 Compaq RT-2156/RT-2257TW w/win keys(also Hitek) $13.95
326D104 Hitek RT-2257WLA w/win keys(also Compaq) $13.95
322D105 Hitek/Hurricane Systems RT-2257WLA (EURO) $13.95
301C122 Idea B12917-002(also Harris,Hitek)118285-101 $13.95
301C122 Harris Adacom PC122US(also Hitek,) $13.95
301C122 Hitek 118285-101,118997-001 (also Harris,Idea) $13.95
290C102 Compaq RT-102 (Euro-S.A.)(also Hitek) $13.95
290C102 Hitek 118742-014 Rev.B (also Compaq) $13.95
262D106 Hitek/NMB RT6856tw (EURO)FCC:AQ6MTN4XZ15 $13.95
247C101 Hitek 141648-101 (also Compaq $13.95
232D105 Hitek/NMB RT8255C+ w/win keys/split-spacebar $13.95
232D105 NMB Technologies RT-8255CW+(also Hitek) $13.95
231C101 Hitek 117700-001 (also CompuAdd,Memorex/Telex) $13.95
231C101 CompuAdd 55153 RT-101(+)(also Hitek) $13.95
203E104 Hitek RT2900TWIL, Fcc: AQ6-RT2900 $13.95
188C122 Idea/NMB 810-12966nmb(also Hitek,NMB) $13.95
188C122 Hitek 810-12966NMB(also Idea,NMB) $13.95
177C105 Hitek 116429-001(also Liberty,Tektronix) $13.95
177C105 Liberty 116428-001(also Hitek,Tektronix) $13.95
177C105 Tektronix VT-220 (also Liberty,Hitek) $13.95
160B84 Vendex Headstart (also Hitek) $13.95
160B84 Hitek AT 84 keys 112980-005 (also Vendex) $13.95
154C108 Hitek 117652-001 N-108LK(also NCD) $13.95
154C108 NCD -N108LK (also Hitek) $13.95
129C105 NCR ANSI 117085-001(Also Hitek) $13.95
129C105 Hitek 117085 (also NCR) $13.95
125D104 Hitek/NMB RT6856TW #247429 w/windows keys $13.95
124D104 Hitek RT-4958TW (US)w/win Keys rect. enter key $13.95
124D104 AST 4958TW (also Dec, Hitek) $13.95
102E118 Hitek RT9258TW, Fcc:AQ692K15, Rec enter, Multimedia $13.95
(also Esprit, Hitek) $13.95

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